Sunday, February 5, 2012

Unique Groomsmen Gifts for Your Destination Wedding

Asking your friends to be groomsmen for your wedding is a big commitment, but if you’re also having a destination wedding in a faraway place, it’s an even bigger commitment. You’re not only asking for their time to be with your on your special day (and the days before it) but they also have to invest money into coming with your. So, you should make sure you give them a great big “thank you” by giving them unique groomsmen gifts. Unique groomsmen gifts will surely show them that you appreciate what they are doing for you, and will also ensure they never forget this special day.

If you have to travel really far for your wedding, like some exotic beach location or faraway country, then you should help them prepare for the long ride. Before they leave, give them an airplane comfort kit that they can use for the long-haul flight. A comfortable neck pillow, sleeping mask and earplugs are basic, but you can also add some special compression socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, and even some aromatherapy cologne to make their trip a little more easier on them.
When they arrive at their destination, make sure you leave them something nice in their rooms. You can arrange with your hotel to leave a nice gift basket or welcome drink as soon as they get there. You can fill the basket with local delicacies, maybe items they can use (like sunblock for the beach or a warm scarf for the ski slopes.), local maps and books and other unique groomsmen gifts they will appreciate.
Depending on where you go, you can get some really good and unique groomsmen gifts from the locale of your wedding. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding (quite popular among couples today), you can get some unique experiences, like island hopping tours, scuba lessons, surfing lessons or parasailing sessions as groomsmen gifts. If you’re having a winter wonderland wedding on the slopes, you can give them snowboarding or skiing lessons. Some couple want to have their romantic wedding at a French castle or Italian vineyard – you can give unique groomsmen gifts like wine pairing lessons, helicopter tours or horseback riding tours. These are unique experiences they will never forget, and are much better presents than kitschy ties or cufflinks which may ust end up being stored in the closet and never used again. With some creative thinking, you can find some truly unique groomsmen gifts for your destination wedding.

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